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Chennai Caters

Chennai Caters has been serving numerous authentic batter varieties starting from 2008. This tasty cum appetizing adventure commenced as a family-run business furthermore extended the mouth-watering achievement to every nook and corner only with the vastest support from our the best of the bunch consumers and retailers. Now, we are the greatest independent "Dosa Batter" manufacturers in North America, plating the customers with love fused batter.

Why Choose Us

Love + Care + Natural + Ingredients = Healthy Food
You can feel your taste buds long for the next bite until you finish your satisfying meal. Wanna experience this mouthful thrilling chews? Chennai Caters to serve you hot!!!

Ready to Cook

You are free from the monotonous long waits for the batter to get fermented. Shift to instant. Just unseal, stir, and pour. Never procrastinate good things!

100% Natural

Made with natural earth commodities and free from chemicals and preservatives. Smell the pure form of food through a fantastic aroma. Still doubtful? Ask your gut for purity!

Super Health

The coinciding spot where taste and health blend together, soothes, and triggers happiness over the whole body. Eat the best, feel your best.

Premium Quality

Give your tongue and stomach a lavish treat with our premium quality product.